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Subject RE: Using old ant.jar in build.bat?
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 01:55:58 GMT

Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:
> If I have xerces, do I still need jaxp.jar from Javasoft? Or is
> it xerces.jar all I need? For some reason I thought jaxp.jar was
> required no mater what parser yu wanted to use. Do I need to set
> something additional to make ANT use xerces?

If you have xerces 1.2.2 or later, you don't need jaxp.jar or parser.jar.

If you wish to build code which depends on Xerces (like Xalan), you will
need Xerces in your class path anyway.  For these types of applications,
you are better off *without* jaxp.jar or parser.jar in your classpath, as
they not only waste precious characters in the limited allotment that
various operating systems permit you; they also contain back levels of the
w3c SAX and DOM apis, and therefore can cause compilation errors.

Of course, the reverse also true.  If you depend on internal APIs in the
Sun implementation (like JSP support did until a few days ago in Tomcat -
up to the point where I removed it), then you will not want Xerces in your
class path.

General approach:

1) Provide a simple and complete package for all to start with - Ant
developers and users alike.  Done.  This is the nightly build.

2) Provide an easy mechanism for users to add or subtract the jars they
need or don't need.  Done.  Add or remove jars from the $ANT_HOME/lib

3) Provide a clean system for users who have unique XML parsing
requirements.  Done.  This is what you see in CVS.

- Sam Ruby

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