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From "John H. Lee" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] SQLExec NullPointerException plus Filtering
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 22:40:44 GMT

Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> >>>>> "JHL" == John H Lee <> writes:
>  JHL> allows filtering of <sql> input file.
> Filtering has been reserved for "copying" tasks so far, I'm not sure
> if we should spread this to other tasks as well.
> An alternative could be to do ${} expansions on the statements.
> What do others think?

I'd like to see closer integration of filtering and properties (ie ${}
expansions).  I think forcing filters to be defined as properties will
keep buildfiles clean.  Currently, it is possible to define a filter and
a property with the same name, but different values.  This can cause
confusion when writing and maintaining buildfiles, files to be filtered,
and property files.

An earlier patch I posted made all properties available as filters.  As
you pointed out, Stefan, this is potentially *very* dangerous.  I have
since added a "propertyFilters" boolean to <project>, forcing the
developer to be explicit about the use of this feature.

So, I see filtering as a general-purpose token-to-property replacement
tool and ${} expansion as an Ant buildfile/property construct.  In other
words, filtering provides public access to properties and ${} provides
private access.



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