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From John Lacey <>
Subject Re: Urgent help with Javac task
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2000 20:56:18 GMT
Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:
> OK, here is my assesment of the situation with javac and JDK 1.3:
> If I set "classic", ant will use JDK 1.2 rules for compiling. Which means
> that certain bugs present in the 1.2 compiler will show up. Foe example the
> analysis on final instance variable initialization in constructors has bugs
> in it, and the same happens in 1.3 when using "classic" option.
> If I set "modern" the compiler will go and parse the classes without
> informing of problems, but no output will be generated. In other words ant's
> modern compile seem to be broken. Although it is implemented.

I have a copy of Ant downloaded 14 June, and I don't see this
problem. The modern compile works fine for me.

Maybe you could post relevant portions of your build.xml file?

(Note that a classic compile with 1.3 is simply using the old 1.2
compiler, which is still included with 1.3. This isn't useful
information, it's just a random related tidbit.)

John L

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