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From Thomas Haas <>
Subject Re: [PATCH]: Path, Execution framework, JUnit and JavaCC
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2000 16:43:29 GMT (Stefan Bodewig) wrote:
> >>>>> "TH" == Thomas Haas <> writes:
>  TH> TODO 
>  TH> - add Project.resolveFile functionality to Path.
> Don't think this is the right place to add it. I'd prefer it to stay
> in Project as it ensures relative filenames are relative to the
> project's base dir.

Agree, that managmenet of the basedir must stay in the project object.
However the Path should be able to preprocess its output using some base 

This could be achieved by either adding to Path a reference a Project 
object or a base directory.

> I agree with the other TODOs and think they can be added after checkin
> without major problems.
> Do you think you could move the JUnit and JavaCC classes into packages
> of their own instead of I'm
> afraid optional will become rather crowded fast and moving files in
> CVS is a little bit problematic - though it can be done and shouldn't
> stop you from commiting the stuff.
> Stefan

I would love to add subpackages to


- tom

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