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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: AntHill, the GUI for Ant
Date Sat, 22 Jul 2000 14:43:14 GMT
At 04:23  22/7/00 +0200, you wrote:
>I recently downloaded Ant1.1 and look at the TODO list and I notice this
>todo item:
> "* GUI front end -- examine tasks, add task properties, etc. Also,
>    one button push build of a particular target."
>I like doing UI (see to understand :) ) so I'm currently
>working on AntHill, the GUI for Ant.

wooohooo :P. I won't use it but I am sure it will garner supporters in
various ide developers :P

>2. I present task attributes in a tabular form. I would like to see these
>attributes sorted (the most commonly used first).
>The simplest solution will be to sort the setter methods in the code in the
>smarter order.

Unfortunately that is not possible because reflection ordering changes
between 1.1/1.2/1.3. I used to rely on this until; my work started to stop
working :<

>3. I was looking for a DTD or schema for ant. I understand that as we can
>create new taskdefs, we should also provide the corresponding DTD. I didn't
>find any answer in the FAQ.

Stefan Bodewig created a task
(used via antstructure) to generate DTDs. Not sure exaclty how it works -
haven't looked at it yet :P

>4. Is there a mailing list archive somewhere ?

details are in first mail you received when joined list. It follows

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lot slower than I am ;-)


>5. AntHill is made with JDK1.2.
>I will try to support JDK1.1/Swing1.1.1 but I rely on some user interface
>library I've done.
>I will need to rewrite some code for JDK1.1 (remove references to
>collections package for example).

well as long as it doesn't compromise your app it would be good to support
1.1 (even thou it is a pain and almost all platforms with 1.1 have 1.3).

>6. There is no version available yet (I started AntHill on friday).
>I attached a screenshot of the current development version.

looks very good :P

>7. Planned AntHill Features are:
>* create/edit/remove targets, tasks (at least!)
>* new project, new target from templates
>* ide plugin (jbuilder, forte, cafe) ?
>* drag'n drop support
>* automagically update dependencies when a target is renamed
>Comments, Feature Requests, Suggestions are welcome.

No requests - you seemed to have covered all bases :P



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