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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Problem with Property Task
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2000 14:00:24 GMT
At 06:54  7/7/00 +0530, you wrote:
>I am using ant 3.1 (Release version) on WinNT4. In this version the
>    <property name="x" value="a"/>
>    <property name="x" value="${x}a"/>
>    <property name="x" value="${x}a"/>
>    <property name="x" value="${x}a"/>
>    <echo message="${x}"/>
>gives the output
>I just downloaded ant3.2 Beta 1 (Milestone Version). But in this version I
>The concatenation is not working. Am I missing something ?

well yes and no. Propertys are not meant to be redefined and thus having
multiple properties of same name in build file is a big non as it removes
declarative aspect and relies on procedural aspect which around here no one
likes. So my best suggestion would be to not rely on that feature because
the earlier build was in error and latest build is correct behaviour.

>I was previously working in C:/ and the javac Task used to work perfectly. I
>am now working in D:/ and the javac Task is not able to find classes from
>the classpath (which has dirs and jars from C:/ - appending to it using the
>above concat method). Is this a problem with working in D:/ and using
>classes from C:/ ? The classpath is getting reflected properly (in ant3.1)
>and the classes *are available* in that classpath.

hmmm ... well there could be multiple probelsm as you are using
concaternation which is not supposed to work. Try getting latest nightly
build and testing as the behaviour you are getting with paths doesn't sem
quite right. More info is needed to figure out what is wrong :P



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