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From Andrew Sudell <asud...@Op.Net>
Subject Re: Using old ant.jar in build.bat?
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 14:19:57 GMT
> Andrew B. Sudell wrote:
> >
> > This is basically the same issue that I raised last weekend, so
> > maybe I'm missing something.  Currently, I just work around it
> > by unsetting ANT_HOME before building ant. In the end, it all
> > comes down what should the build files do, and what assumptions
> > should they make.
> Since unsetting ANT_HOME makes a difference for you, I have to assume that
> ANT_HOME is set to something different than where the output of building
> Ant is placed?  Why would that be?

I generally have ANT_HOME set to my "production version" of ant,
i.e. what I'm building my other projects with.  I don't compile 
ant on top of that.  What I generally do is

o cleanup, do a cvs update and bootstrap an ant
o it that works ok, build dist
o smoke test the dist (setting ANT_HOME) aginst
  my projects
o if that works well, consider installing it to ANT_HOME
  on my local box
o when I see some good reason to force an upgrade, such
  as wanting a new feature or bug fix, and when I have
  some confidence in the build, I'll make it availiable
  to the rest ot the team

So, I'm tracking ant on a quasi daily basis so I know
what's going on and can anticipate changes.  But  I try
to keep software I'm building running aginst a stable
version of ant.  Given that I could be running update
while someone is committing, I don't even assume that
what I update will bootstrap (though the failures are

I'm willing to admit that having ANT_HOME set is a bit
unfair and mostly do to my laziness.  

On the other hand, I pretty much divide the world into
two cases:

Building ant from src:
  bootstrap, and then run build

Using ant to build something else:
  run ant

    Drew Sudell

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