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Subject Re: Problem with Property Task
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 05:18:51 GMT
Akbar Ibrahim writes:
 > Well, changing C:/ and D:/ to C:\ and D:\ made it work (with ant3.1 and
 > classpath concatenation). But I don't understand why. Earlier it worked with
 > C:/ but when I added D:/ it didn't, and when that is changed to C:\ and D:\
 > it works :(  Maybe I can try to have a look at the "/" and "\" anomaly and
 > send in a patch.
 > I agree about the case where ant is run as an inner instance of another ant
 > so overriding property values should not be allowed. Couldn't each
 > target/Task have properties of it's own which it can choose to change or do
 > whatever it wanted with and which wouldn't affect the outer version of the
 > property.
 > I feel that there should be a way to allow properties, or specifically
 > paths, to be built incrementally in this, or some other, manner. I hate to
 > have classpaths running to several lines (and wrapping around in the
 > editor). I like to have each path in the classpath to be on a separate line.
 > This make it very clear and easy to edit. If all the paths are in one single
 > line it is very difficult to read/edit and easy to make mistakes.

Doing this implicitly is, IMHO, not the way to do it.

<property name="classpath" value="C:\"/>
<property name="classpath" value="D:\"/>
<property name="classpath" value="C:\lib"/>
<property name="classpath" value="C:\classes\jaxp.jar"/>

does not, to me, look as though it should concatenate all these
values; it looks like a mistake which will end up with ${classpath}
evaluating to "C:\classes\jaxp.jar". Doing it this way is pretty
counter-intuitive, I reckon. But you're right, wrapped classpaths are
ugly. Is syntax like:

<property name="classpath" value="C:\;\

recognized, or is that deemed to make-like? ;-)

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