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From "Andrew B. Sudell" <>
Subject Re: Using old ant.jar in build.bat?
Date Sun, 09 Jul 2000 21:30:02 GMT writes:
 > Tim Fennell wrote:
 > >
 > > I was just building the latest version of the source code and ran
 > > into a problem with the ant build.xml file using a task with
 > > semantics that were different from my current install.
 > >
 > > So, I played around a little, and fixed up the build.bat file. What
 > > I'm wondering is, after bootstrapping ant why does the build.bat
 > > file have this line:
 > >    for %%i in ($ANT_HOME%\lib\*.jar) do call lcp.bat %%i
 > > which puts the *old* jar(s) into the classpath.
 > This places *all* the jars in the %ANT_HOME%\lib directory into the
 > classpath.  This would include, for example, the JAXP or Xerces jar files.
 > I'm not sure why you assume that these jars are old.  If you want to update
 > the ant jar in this directory, simply build ant and specify the "install"
 > target.
 > > Works much better for me when I replace that with:
 > >    if exist .\lib\ant.jar call lcp.bat .\lib\ant.jar
 > This assumes that the only jar that you want is ant, and that the version
 > you want can be found relative to the current working directory.  In many
 > cases, I'm using this batch file/shell script from another directory; and
 > in the case of ant, typical usage would get you the exact same jar file
 > that you previous referred to as *old*.
 > Am I missing something?

This is basically the same issue that I raised last weekend, so maybe
I'm missing something.  Currently, I just work around it by unsetting
ANT_HOME before building ant. In the end, it all comes down what
should the build files do, and what assumptions should they make. 

What is the role of jakarta-ant/bootstrap.[bat|sh]?

My assumption is it's role is to build "enough ant to get
build.[bat|sh] to be able to use ant to build ant".

What is the role jakarta-ant/build.[bat|sh]?

I'm assuming it's role is to build ant using the recently bootstraped

What is the role of anything-else/build.[bat|sh]?

I'm assuming they should build their respective projects, and that
they should set up some project specific environment/options and
invoke ant.  I'm not sure why they don't use $ANT_HOME/bin/ant to do

What's the role of $ANT_HOME/bin/ant?

I thought it was to run ant, but I may be alone on this.

Where/how should people deploy JAXP, Xerces, or whatever parser they

Personally, I think that's outside of the scope of ant, though there's
no reason to make it more difficult for people than it has to be.  Ant 
(and the rest of jakarta) probably shouldn't distribute them, nor
assume they are deployed inside them. I happen to put them in my


        Drew Sudell

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