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From Arun Katkere <>
Subject Javadoc linkoffline
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 23:40:00 GMT
Has anyone gotten linkoffline attribute of Javadoc task to work at all. Here
is the problem I am facing:

- the two URLs passed to linkoffline are treated as a single attribute:

// add the single linkoffline arguments
if (linkoffline != null) {

- Javadoc task quotes each argument with double quotes:

if (!arg.startsWith("-")) {

- When Javadoc is exec'd, it tries to use the argument after linkoffline
(typically package name) to find package-list (results in FATAL ERROR).
E.g., if linkoffline is
javadoc-package-lists/jdk1.3", javadoc is invoked with

javadoc ... -linkoffline "

and javadoc complains about not found (instead of
looking for file javadoc-package-lists/jdk1.3/package-lists which exists).

If I execute javadoc by hand without the double quotes, it executes

Any workarounds? I noticed that code to handle link/linkoffline lists is in.
How do we use it?


ps: I noticed the "argument J in javadoc1 is not supported (what is that for
anyway?)" comment in the code. Well, you can use it to specify proxy host
and port definitions to JVM and get around linkoffline all together!

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