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From "Vitaly Stulsky" <>
Subject Re: Proposition
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2000 21:58:54 GMT
> I agree 100% that this is a BAD IDEA. Ant's job
> is to BUILD code. People's jobs include writing the
> code, and agreeing on standards. If you can't agree,
> and you have a CZAR who can decreee, the CZAR can run
> formatters on all the code as a pre-cursor to running
> Ant, rather than saddling Ant with one team's problem.

I see. As for me, I use ANT to get code from the repository,
than after editing I put it back using ANT too. It will be good
for me to filter some things I missed automaticaly (converting tabs 
to spaces or position the brackets). And definetely I can tell
you I'm not a CZAR :((( 

> But, if you really want Ant to do it, write a task
> of your own, do it, and move on. I don't think we
> should dump every task everyone could dream of into
> Ant, when Ant was designed to be extensible by the
> end user to handle specific issues at each user's
> site.

Of course no, if you do not want such task you have right do
no have it on your computer. As far as I unerstand that's why
optional tasks exeis.If you do not use CORBA - idl compiler task 
is garbage for you, if I don't use CVS I needn't cvs task.
Only one thing I do not want is launching holy wars about 
something like that.

BUT - thank you. Now I know your opinion and I relly appreciate you.
Negative answer is answer too!


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