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From "Vitaly Stulsky" <>
Subject Re: Proposition
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2000 21:46:50 GMT
> Pardon me while I run screaming: AAAGH!
> I feel strongly that this is a Bad Idea.  If you are having a problem with
> standards, the way to fix it is through agreement on standards. Get
> together and agree to follow a set of standards rather than having a tool
> convert code. You don't want to clutter cvs with diffs caused as a result
> of the battle of the braces, and you will find it impossible to automate
> every part of your standards - naming conventions, for example.

I clearly understand what you've said before, and you definetely right
that it is easy to establish standads when it is possible to sit and talk
a team. BUT there are a lot of exceptions when it is neccessary to write
with some convetions, and you cannot assert that every programmer writes
the same code following predefined conventions. Everyone has habbits and it
is better to think in terms of code conventions you like. I did not propose
to launch artificial intellegence program inside ANT project. I requested
is it intersting for them such things. There are exist a lot of tools which
allows to
view code with you favorite code conventions. Sometimes it is neccessary to
review the code from different sources than you company, and I'm not sure
that every company follows conventions proposed by Sun.

> This means that you are going to have to find a human-based solution
anyway. Talk to
> each other! Agree that for the good of the team, you will each give in a
> bit and adopt a common way of doing things.

Yeah, some kind of philosophical problem. As I said before I needn't
artificial intelligence.
I simply need source code reformater! Someone uses tabs, someone spaces,
uses MultiEdit, someone JBuilder to edit the code, someone uses 4 spaces for
tabs and
someone 8. I thought about GENERAL and SIMPLE code reformater. Not more.

Anyway, I appreciate for your opinion. Any good thoughts are very valuable
for me.
Thank you.


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