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From "Thomas Haas" <>
Subject [PATCH]: new task zipparanoia
Date Sun, 02 Jul 2000 12:47:02 GMT

Attached find a small and maybe usefull task called ZipParanoia.

ZipParanoia helps controlling the contents of zip or jar archives.
ZipParanioa takes an input archive, include lists and exclude lists and
creates an output archive applying the following rules:
- every file from the include lists is in the output archive
- every file from the exclude lists is not in the output archive
in paranoia mode the following must be true:
- include and exclude are not allowed to overlap
- the union of all include and exclude lists must match the contents of the
input archive

- QA wants to know exactly what an archive consists of, hence paranioa mode
- an input archive may result in several output archives with various
- input archives are created by merging many different archives together. We
found it easier to create one huge archive and than remove in a controlled
manner the uneeded stuff.
- No current ant task provided the paranoia level we needed.

ZipParanoia serves us well. Let me know, if you think this should be
included as an optional task or not. Improvements or better ways to solve
this problem are welcomed as well.

- tom

* Thomas Haas             <>
* SoftWired AG                   <>
* Technoparkstr. 1  ***  CH-8005 Zurich  ***  +41-1-4452370

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