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From "Akbar Ibrahim" <>
Subject Problem with Property Task
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2000 13:24:09 GMT

I am using ant 3.1 (Release version) on WinNT4. In this version the

    <property name="x" value="a"/>
    <property name="x" value="${x}a"/>
    <property name="x" value="${x}a"/>
    <property name="x" value="${x}a"/>
    <echo message="${x}"/>

gives the output


I just downloaded ant3.2 Beta 1 (Milestone Version). But in this version I


The concatenation is not working. Am I missing something ?

I am using this concat method to concat paths to the classpath property
which I later pass to the javac Task. Well the original reason why I
downloaded ant3.2Beta1 is that I could not get ant 3.1 to recognise
classpath properly.

I was previously working in C:/ and the javac Task used to work perfectly. I
am now working in D:/ and the javac Task is not able to find classes from
the classpath (which has dirs and jars from C:/ - appending to it using the
above concat method). Is this a problem with working in D:/ and using
classes from C:/ ? The classpath is getting reflected properly (in ant3.1)
and the classes *are available* in that classpath.

I thought this might be a problem with ant3.1 and dowloaded ant3.2Beta1 and
found the concatenation problem. In any case I am not able to compile :(

Any suggestions. I suppose I am missing something (have not been able to
follow the list for a long time so things might have changed without my

PS : Sorry for such a rambling mail

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