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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: self modifying jar?
Date Sat, 01 Jul 2000 00:46:38 GMT
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> Sent: Saturday, 1 July 2000 3:15
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> Subject: Re: self modifying jar?
> Let's discuss this for a moment.
> The build process for Castor simply loads everything found in the lib
> directory into the classpath.  I've tried making the cocoon build process
> match, and I found that I like what I see.  Now I would like to suggest
> that we make the ant build process match.  It makes adding something to
> your classpath is as easy as copying/linking a jar into the $ANT_HOME/lib
> directory.  Removing something is just as easy.
> The reason why I'm bringing this up in response to your post is that this
> conflicts with your suggestion.  Thinking about this, the issue
> is that the
> build.xml chooses to place this one file (ant.jar) into a special place;
> all other build outputs are placed into a separate build directory.  My
> preference is that this be changed - and have everything placed in the
> build directory.  If users want to actually run from this, that
> should be a
> separate, overt, install step.
> Thoughts?


We would need to make sure that people understand this - ie. they do not
expect building ant to be enough to use the latest features. I'm saying that
because of Craig's response to my proposal to move the lib directory

> This would be nasty for build files or scripts assuming they can refer to
> $ANT_HOME/lib/ant.jar for the Ant files.  Today, this assumption
> is correct
> whether you are using the source or the binary distribution of
> Ant -- but it
> would no longer be the case if you build externally unless you
> always remember
> to change ANT_HOME.

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