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From "Michael B. Allen" <>
Subject RE: enhancements
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2000 23:17:06 GMT

I thought someone said that instead of having an "Unjar" task that you
could just use an unzip task such as the GUnzip task. This does notto do
the trick. I need something that can unzip a jar file such that it creates
the files and directories under the dest. I can see from the source for
GUnzip that it's strictly file.gz to file.

Has someone written a task using the class so that
runs through the entries and creates files or directorys etc...

Also, I see the Exec task scans for "Windows" in the os name but Windows
95/98 doesn't have cmd. Is there no realiable way to run an arbitrary
command using If not Exec should at least do indexOf( "NT" )
as opposed to "Windows" so that that block falls thought to running antRun.
Or better yet can you provide an option to specify the shell command to

I know I've been complaining a lot and not providing patches but I am crazy
busy with my own opensource project and I have limited access(firewall at
work and modems on the Win machine at home).

Mike - - MS Windows networking in Java

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