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From Russell Gold <>
Subject RE: Dependancy problem?
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2000 22:15:31 GMT
Thanks to all who responded. I found the problem by accident while attempting to follow Peter
Donald's suggestion of running with -verbose.

It turns out that my source tree was at fault. I had placed my test classes in a directory
under the source directory, as follows:

 |           |
com        test
 |           |
meterware   com
 |           |
httpunit  meterware

Unfortunately, the compile target chose to compile the test directory, assuming that the classes
were properly arranged under the src root, and expecting
their package names to begin with (which they do not).

Moving the test classes to a completely separate directory parallel with src fixed the problem.

Russell Gold                     | "... society is tradition and order    (preferred)  | and reverence, not a series of cheap              | bargains between selfish interests."       |   - Poul Anderson, "Iron"

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