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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Junit task
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2000 07:32:47 GMT
>>>>> "PG" == Paul Goulbourn <> writes:

 PG> has someone already created a JUnit task

Yes, Thomas Haas and I did with Thomas doing most of the work. Thomas
has sent the whole stuff to the list some weeks ago. It is article
number 1070 "JUnit task and friends" if you want to retrieve it from
the archive.

There are several reasons why this has not been included into Ant - it
would have to be an optional task anyway. One reason is that the whole
handling of optional tasks inside of Ant is going to change (and back
in April it looked as if this would happen rather soon).

On the other hand Thomas developed some utility classes to represent
PATH like file lists and command line arguments as well as an improved
Exec tasks. We hoped they - or modified version of them - could be
integrated into Ant and thus easy the life of the JUnit task.

Oh and yes, the JUnit task can throw a BuildException - which means
stop the build process - if a test fails, this can be tailored to your
needs by attributes.


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