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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: build/release process spec?
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2000 14:38:45 GMT
>>>>> "RR" == Reynolds, Ron <> writes:

 RR> 1. is there any way to specify "0-compression" with the <jar>
 RR> tag?  (i'm betting the answer is "no" looking at the docs,

Talking about the CVS version the answer is "yes", even looking at the
docs (compress="false"). I've implemented it myself and it has been
commited two weeks ago. Better try the CVS version or a nightly build.

 RR> 2. is there a dtd out there somewhere for the Ant xml format?

It could only be a partial one because of the taskdef task. ISTR there
has been someone with a DTD for the builtin tasks, maybe you should
search the index of all messages again 8^).

 RR> 3. is the best/only place for Ant info?



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