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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [RFE] Richer Task Specification
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2000 07:06:01 GMT
>>>>> "JDD" == James Duncan Davidson <> writes:

 JDD> on 2000/06/20 01:35, Stefan Bodewig at wrote:

 >> 1. Don't treat properties as tasks at all. Don't even say they are
 >> tasks in the documentation.
 >> 2. Do the same for taskdefs.
 >> 3. Don't instantiate tasks before they get executed.
 >> 4. Merge init and execute into a single method that gets called
 >> right after the task has been configured.

 JDD> Souds good. Can you update the core spec thingy that I started
 JDD> to reflect this?

I think we haven't found agreement on 1 and 2 yet. I do like Matt's
last version with the added depends attribute to taskdef.

Other than that I'm going to change the document as soon as I get a
little hardware problem on my side resolved that prevents me from
accessing the repository on locus. I hope this will happen today (CEST
- GMT+2 - that is).

 >> The only tricky thing in this is part 3.

 JDD> Not really tricky, just a smop.

Sorry, I went to and tried every English->German
translator listed, but "smop" didn't resolve to anything. What does it

 >> This latter solution might even have the additional power to
 >> choose between several special implementations of a generic task
 >> [...] like Valentin suggested. I'm not sure how to implement this
 >> easily

 JDD> Makes it real easy, [...] , you should be able to tweak taskdefs
 JDD> on the project at will which would affect the things that you
 JDD> want to do.

Not all of them. 

The way you choose between different compilers is by using the
build.compiler property. You don't need to specify it in the build.xml
and will use your VM's default - other users may override this on the
command line without a need to change build.xml.

Using taskdefs will mean everybody needs to edit build.xml according
to his/her preferences. IIRC Valentin's idea was to have a Factory
spit out the "correct" implementation of task depending on a property.


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