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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject [PATCH] extended CVS task
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2000 15:26:00 GMT
this is a repost of Wolfgang Werner's <> patch
from mid April (thanks Vitaly). It has been edited to minimize the
number of changed lines and to reflect a change that has been commited
since then.

This patch adds quiet and noexec attributes (for the -q and -n
switches) and a command attribute that specifies which CVS command to

The default command is "checkout" to remain compatible to the existing

cvsroot and package are no longer required attributes as most CVS
commands can and will retrieve the values from the CVS/ dirs in the
destination directory.

One thing I'm still missing here is the MatchingTask functionality to
specify only a set of files to commit/tag etc. I just wanted to wait
whether Exec (Cvs's parent class) becomes a MatchingTask - which would
add the funcionality almost automatically.


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