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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: unless and nested includes/excludes undocumented?!
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2000 10:36:23 GMT
>>>>> "VR" == Vassilis Rizopoulos <> writes:

 VR> I just wondered on how much complexity the handling of path
 VR> separators adds to the code and if it can be done so that one
 VR> does not have to worry at all about it

Ant already does a lot here - and it will even become better when
Thomas Haas finds time to commit his Path class (Hi tom 8^).

We cannot remove the ambiguity in c:/jdk1.1 but a lot of other things
are already handled - a : will always be treated as a path separator
unless there is exactly one letter in front of it for example.

With Thomas' class we can write nested elements to define PATH like
structures meaning something like

<java ...>
    <element location="c:/jdk1.1" />
    <element path="dir1;dir2" />

Note I'm not sure whether the names in this example line up with
Thomas' latest version.

In this case the location element are known to specify exactly on part
of a PATH and thus we don't need to search for a : and you can savely
use forward slashes all over the place.


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