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From David Maclean <>
Subject Rmic as a MatchingTask
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2000 05:36:07 GMT
I am sending this email to avoid any duplication of work. Reguarding the
previous discussions to the path that I sent, it became clear that it
could be improved. This improvement is in making Rmic a matching task. I
will add these changes if there are no objections. The semantics will be
as follows:

1. The base property is where the _Stub and _Skel classes will be
placed. It will be the base directory for the directory match if classname
property is missing.

2. The classname property is left for backward compatibility and will
become optional.

3. After scanning the directory for matches, the Rmic task will then
compare the timestamp of the class file with the corresponding _Stud
and/or _Skel file. If the class file is newer then the class needs

4. If the verify parameter is true (defaults to false), then the class is
verified to implement the java.rmi.Remote interface. (rmic will display
an error message to stdin?/out? when the class does not implement
java.rmi.Remote)  If the class does implement java.rmi.Remote then it will
be rmic'd otherwise it will be ignored.

5. The sourceBase is kept as before.

6. The classlistFilename property will be removed.

David Maclean
CCH Software Development
67 Old Fort Road
Durban, 4001
South Africa
Phone: +27 31 306 9777
Fax:   +27 31 306 9770

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