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From Tom Cook <>
Subject Re: cvs commit:....
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2000 01:31:01 GMT
On Mon, 26 Jun 2000, Jason Hunter wrote:

> Tom Cook wrote:
> > 
> > On Mon, 26 Jun 2000, Jason Hunter wrote:
> > 
> > This thread is turning into a general discussion of core/optional tasks,
> > but I'm going to go back to the email thingy. I don't think tasks
> > involving email should be core tasks, since they make assumptions not only
> > about available libraries but also about available network infrastructure.
> > This is OK for some software, but Ant is a build tool, and when I think,
> > "build tool," I don't think, "Ah, yes, and I'll have to set that mail
> > server up as well..."
> I disagree with your point, but I'm glad to see debate centered on the
> merits of the task.
> The reason I disagree is that whether you want to use the task or not is
> your choice and something you write into your project's build.xml.  In
> writing targets using the email send task you should consider its use,
> and which targets it would be appropriate for.  Since sending email
> notification *is* something generally useful and something we don't want
> people to have to reinvent, I think it deserves core status.
> > Many of us, like I, are used to working in a fully networked environment.
> > Feel for people who still have a stand-alone Win98 box ( <flamewar> they
> > run Micro$oft! Feel for them!</flamewar> ;-)
> So don't use the task for targets that might be run on Win98.  I picture
> the task used on a "build officialdist" kind of target.  

Ant is a java tool; it's not really possible to say 'this target will/will
not be run on win98'. The whole idea of Java is that it can be run

In a way, however, I think you are right. When I have a good think about
it, email notification is probably not something which will be included in
a production build.xml. Imagine if ant-dev got a notification every time
someone built ant! It's really a task used in development situations,
where developers have control of the build.xml.

Just my $0.20 worth...
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