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Subject Re: [PATCH] build events
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2000 07:50:51 GMT

there should have been a DefaultLogger class in that patch which handles
the un-xml'd stream. There are still a few System.out's in that
need to be moved over, however, and a lot of exception handling code that
could be cleaned up...

I'd also like to get rid of all of the project.log() statements that aren't
in tasks, in order to give the various listeners more control over what
gets outputed. For example, currently the log messages get posted when each
property gets set. I'd rather have the loggers go get that information
themselves, so that the XmlLogger, say, can format that info in a more
structured way (ie <property> elements instead of <log> elements).

Conor, here's a patch for the netrexx class. It compiles, but I haven't
tested it...

(See attached file: netrexx.txt)

                    James Duncan                                                         
                    Davidson                  To:     <> 
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          >                Subject:     Re: [PATCH] build events   
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on 2000/06/18 19:30, at

> ok, here's a first attempt to add events to Ant. The basic idea is to
> the core build engine "clean" and free of any presentation logic, and to
> make it easier to extend Ant with other features without cluttering up
> core. To do this, I've defined a BuildListener interface and added an
> "addBuildListener" method to Project that can be used to register
> objects. Listeners could be implemented to generate reports, send out
> emails when the build is complete, create a bill of materials, etc...

Looks pretty good. +1

Can we move the default logging (the un-xml'd stream that goes to
system.out) to this when you get this in?


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