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From "Yannick Menager" <>
Subject ASynchronous dependencies, classloader in Java Task for classpath
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2000 16:11:05 GMT

It would be nice to have dependencies that could be run asynchronously, so that instead of
going one by one in the order they're present, they would run all in separate threads. i.e.:

<target name="something" depends="sometask1,sometask2" asyncdepends="atask1,atask2" >

which would first call sometask1, then sometask2. But at the same time would have launched
both atask1 and atask2 in seperate threads.

also, the java task doesn't allow to set the classpath unless the jvm is forked, but wouldn't
it be easy to add a classloader and load the classpath indicated to run it in the same VM

Also it would be nice to have a "ifnot" tag as well as the current "if"

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