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Subject Re: C# (was: aspectJ (was Re: [PATCH] build events))
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2000 00:42:05 GMT


I've moved the aspectJ discussion to I'm not sure where
the C# discussion should go...

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                                         Subject:     Re: C# (was: aspectJ (was Re: [PATCH]
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I really enjoy Ant, I really like the level of detailed
discussions about Ant and java issues. And I don't want to
seem disruptive.  But for how long are we going to detour into a language
debate about VB vs Java vs C# vs C++ vs whatever
anyone else decides to drag into the fray???

My vote to end the discussion, or take it to a different forum: +1

Jim Stiefel wrote:

> Actually,  I just read today (I think on slashdot) that Java recently
> took the title of most popular programming language away from VB.
> > It will not so much be linguistic niceties (hey, VB outsells
> > all the rest)

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