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From "Jacques Bergeron" <>
Subject Question about CVS [EXPIRED TRIAL LICENCE]
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2000 13:38:15 GMT
Hi everyone,

Newbie question about CVS (I'm setting up CVS on my server to test the
server part of the build.xml file).

What I want to do is simulate a developper and committer jobs in the dev

Fist the developper:

1- Installs a local environment (unsing build.xml of course!!!)
2- Code, compile, test some changes
3- Issue a cvs update on the modified file (to arrange eventual conflicts
with somebody that could have committed a change while he was "playing" with
the file).
4- Generate a diff with cvs diff command.
5- Sends the diff file to a committer.

If I understand the process correctly the developpers job is finished if the
change is accepted by the committer.

Next the commiter should:

6- Checkout a copy of the file from CVS.
7- Merge the diff file from the developper.
8- If everything is ok then cvs commit the change.

Again I hope that I'm getting it correctly.

I downloaded both WinCVS and jCVS as cvs client programs to test the
process. Both programs implement most (if not all) of the CVS commands. I
also read most of the CVS manual (from GNU) as referred to on Tigris

My problem comes with step 7. There does not seems (or seams?) to be a CVS
command that execute a merge from a diff file. The cvs update command merge
from diffs from 2 CVS relaeses that have to come from the server (so I

On my *NIX box (Red Hat 6.2) there is program called "patch" which seems to
do the job (?). Problem is that "patch" is not a cvs command so is not
implemented in WinCVS or jCVS (or does not seem to be).

Does this mean that we have to work on *NIX to be a committer??? Do you know
any Java program that does the equivalent of "patch"???

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

BTW Jason I'm happy to see that you will implement the server part of the
build.xml file when it will be finished, tested and accepted by the group.
The question was coming soon so one thing cleared. Oh! and as you can see
from my previous notes, from the drafted build.xml file and from the
proposed usermanual the nightly build process is well under way!



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