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From "Tim O'Brien" <>
Subject RE: proposing
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2000 15:31:52 GMT

	Thanks for clearing that up, I just wanted to make sure that
setFile( File ) would not be diminishing the functionality of.  Discovering
what the parameter type is through a method object and then translating that
for a task developer is a "Good Thing".

 TO> Another function that there is already a need for is a
 TO> parseMultiple() function to resolve multiple string inputs.

 SB>I don't think I know where a method like this is needed. Which tasks
 SB>use multiple String inputs - or are you talking about tokenizing? My
 SB>feeling is that all attributes that are comma separated lists would
 SB>better be nested elements.

Stefan let me ask a specific question about the patch I submitted on  I submitted a patch that allows one to check for the
presence of multiple classes.  Something that would be necessary if a task
developer developed a task that needed to test for the presence of multiple
libraries, resources, files.

What would you prefer:

<available classname="org.whatever.MyClass,org.whatever.MyClass2"


<available property="myclasses.present">
       <resource classname="org.whatever.MyClass"\>
	 <resource classname="org.whatever.MyClass2"\>

Let me know, what the consensus on this is.


Tim O'Brien


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