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From "Brill Pappin" <>
Subject Clean up tool - RE: Apology for the virus attachment earlier this week
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2000 18:06:34 GMT
For those that need it, Norton has a little tool for cleaning it up.

- Brill Pappin

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> Subject: Apology for the virus attachment earlier this week
> Hello,
> I just wanted to apologize to anyone who received a copy of the 
> email from me with an attached Microsoft outlook virus. I did not 
> send this email intentionally, it was received via a corporate 
> email that infected several others here at Rockwell Software. 
> This virus is known as the life_stages worm, current antiviral 
> software has been updated to include a check for this so please 
> update it if you have a copy (mcafee, norton AV, etc.). It 
> renames regedit.exe to recycled.vxd and adds itself to a registry 
> key that causes it to start at each reboot. There is supposedly 
> an update to Microsoft Outlook available via Microsoft's website 
> that can be used to restrict access to your address book from 
> script, amongst other things.
> Apologies,
> Jayme Edwards
> Rockwell Software

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