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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] multithreading tasks
Date Sun, 18 Jun 2000 08:14:59 GMT
on 5/28/00 8:58 AM, Conor MacNeill at wrote:

> Attached is a fairly simple patch plus a new class to allow ant to run tasks
> in separate threads. The motivation for this patch is to allow us to perform
> unit testing in a relatively automated fashion. In our particular situation
> we would like to have an ant target for testing which will start weblogic in
> one thread and JUnit in another. Once JUnit completes its tests, weblogic
> will be stopped and the target will complete by joining all outstanding
> threads.

Has this been committed? I didn't see a commit message go out on it. In any
case I'm -1 on this.

If concurency is needed for testing, then doing a test that that performs
it's own parallelism at that level is fine, but building parallelism into
Ant gets probelmatic fast. MT programming isn't *that* easy and I don't
really think that projects should deal with it.

> Let me know what you think. If this is accepted, I plan two new small
> taskdefs:- a sleep task and a join task.

Problem here is that now you are using tasks not to perform functionality,
but as logical control. Sam has worked on me enough that I'm no longer
totally freaked out about layering scripting into Ant, as long as that
scripting isn't expressed in the XML. Expressing threading semantics in the
XML is neat, but complicates things to a great degree.

I understand the motive -- parallelism on tests is a good thing, but I don't
see why that functionality has to be genericized to this level.


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