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Subject Re: Gentle introduction to scripting
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2000 17:29:56 GMT

Peter Donald wrote:
>>Using proxies only when necessary?
>What exactly do you mean ?

If I knew exacty what I meant, I would probably have simply implemented it
instead.  ;-)

One thing that nobody commented on yet is that in the example I gave, the
script modified a target that appeared later in the xml stream.  This can
apply (today, at least) to tasks, or even any arbitrary element.  What this
implies is either some sort of multi-pass algorithm, or some sort of

It seems to me that we can keep much of the current behavior and
implementation if we opportunistically instantiate the objects for which it
is possible, even to the point of configuring their parameters (calling set
and create methods).  And only in those cases where we can't do we insert a
"proxy" task which simply accumulates configuration data to be applied upon

Again, I've not thought this completely through just yet.

- Sam Ruby

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