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Subject Re: self modifying jar?
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2000 17:14:59 GMT

Let's discuss this for a moment.

The build process for Castor simply loads everything found in the lib
directory into the classpath.  I've tried making the cocoon build process
match, and I found that I like what I see.  Now I would like to suggest
that we make the ant build process match.  It makes adding something to
your classpath is as easy as copying/linking a jar into the $ANT_HOME/lib
directory.  Removing something is just as easy.

The reason why I'm bringing this up in response to your post is that this
conflicts with your suggestion.  Thinking about this, the issue is that the
build.xml chooses to place this one file (ant.jar) into a special place;
all other build outputs are placed into a separate build directory.  My
preference is that this be changed - and have everything placed in the
build directory.  If users want to actually run from this, that should be a
separate, overt, install step.


- Sam Ruby

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