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Subject Re: Gentle introduction to scripting
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2000 11:46:42 GMT

Peter Donald wrote:
> there was a whole bunch of bug-fixes in the latest Rhino (1.5 from
> memory) that may fix this. It certainly works with beans that I tested
> thou I am not sure. There has also been someone who adpated BSF to use
> the latest rhino too - so it may or may not be fixed :P

Rhino 1.5 added the ability to reference bean properties as simple fields.
Unfortunately, it only works if there are getters.  I've discussed this
with the authors of Rhino.  BTW - the one that adapted BSF to use the
latest Rhino was me.

> What I was more referring to was in the future when hopefully we get
>away from the "instantiate all tasks at begining" to the "instantiate
> as we go" + proxies that you suggested. Because the proxy object is
> unlikely to have the same properties as the task there needs to be
> some way to set properties on the proxy task. Thus neither the
> echo.message = "blah"
> or
> echo.setMessage( "blah" )
> would work. You would have to use some sort of generic mechanism such
> as
> echo.setParameter("message","blah");
> when deferred instantiation of tasks is implemented.


I'm hoping that we find a better way to achieve the user requirements than
using proxies in all cases.  Proxies add memory overhead, processing
overhead, internal complexity, and in the case of scripting, decreases

- Sam Ruby

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