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Subject Re: Gentle introduction to scripting
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2000 03:19:18 GMT

Peter Donald wrote:
> The only thing I guess that would have to change
> (assuming we go with some proxy-task holder) is
> setting of parameters. Basically you would have
> to go
> setParameter("message","someValue");
> instead of
> setMessage("someValue");

Obviously, there should be an object before the method in the cases above.
There actually is a bug in Rhino which prevents the cleaner syntax being

   echo.message="some value";

This bug can be worked around by adding a getMessage to the echo Task.  If
we find that there is a significant demand for scripting, adding getters
may be a good idea anyway.

Note: the ability to call methods on objects is not limited to setting of
parameters.  Imagine:

   javac.createExclude().name = "**/*.java"

The above does work with Rhino today.  Or even:


- Sam Ruby

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