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From Vassilis Rizopoulos <>
Subject <available>'s global status
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2000 14:35:35 GMT
Is there a particular reasoning behind having <available> evaluated on a
global scale in the build file?
I find that if it can be limited to the scope of the entity in which it is
it gives quite a lot of flexibility in defining build conditions.
i.e. I could use this snipet:

<target name="pack.general" depends="init" if="update.pack">
  	<copydir src="${basedir}/config/atg" dest="${pack.home}"/>
  	<available file="${basedir}/config/atg/${}"

 <target name="pack.client" depends="pack.general" if="pack.present">
     <copydir src="${basedir}/config/pack" dest="${pack.home}"/>

and have the second target execute only if the first one executed AND the
directory is present.
And another thing:
I noticed that the <javac> task does not handle correctly  \ and / as path
separators when supplied in the classpath attribute
setting the classpath to c:/jdk/bla/bla does not work correctly, while 
c:\\jdk\\bla\\bla works fine. 
If I use ${somedir}/somepath/morepath and set somedir=c:\\jdk then it works.
I've got the binaries of version 1.0.8 installed.
Thank you,

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