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From "Arnout J. Kuiper" <>
Subject Core Task spec 0.1
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2000 19:46:00 GMT

I finally managed to get some work done on the specification of the core 
tasks (Holidays, JavaOne and a new employer (with a name that resembles 
that big bright yellow thingy in the sky;-) kept me from doing so).

It's a rough draft and a bunch of tasks is not filled in yet, but it can at 
least be used as a starting point for discussions on the core tasks. The 
spec is largely based on discussions held in the past on the ant-dev list.

Due to the drafty nature, I did not commit it to CVS yet. It can be found 
at The spec assumes that you 
are familiar with the pattern matching based on includes/excludes (see the 
Ant manual).

Comments please...



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