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From Peter Murray-Rust <>
Subject Newbie question [time dependencies]
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2000 12:40:34 GMT
Please forgive what is probably a FAQ or misconception [I have read the ant 
docs and also run some simple examples].

I wish to use ant for building transforming XML documents - for websites, 
etc. - using Xalan and XSL stylesheets. I am trying to set up dependencies 
such as if foo.xml is touched, the foo.xml->foo.html build needs to be 
triggered. But I can't see how to make foo.html depend on foo.xml. javac 
and copydir have such mechanisms - is there a way to make them more 
generally available (as happens in makefiles)?

I very much like the idea of ant and am sure that XML is the right 
foundation for make-like operations.


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