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From Mark Brouwer <>
Subject Re: Rmic patch
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2000 14:43:51 GMT
Hi All,

First I must admit I didn't follow this thread completely, second I have
no time to see whether I'm getting totally of topic :-) but what I do
know is I build a long time ago a build tool capable of delivering end
products based on our companies naming conventions. Part of that build
tool was automatic RMI stub/skeleton end EJB generation (for WebLogic

In the future I would like to migrate to ant but currently I have no
time for that. However I thought lets drop in my knowledge of automatic
RMI generation. As far as I know it is conform the RMI specs and also
takes EJB's into account (by skipping them). I attach it over here.

In short it takes a file with paths to java files. The program assumes
correlating classes can be found through its classloader, the classes
will be checked to see if they are RMI objects, if so they are written
to a files and can be used as input for the RMI compiler. However I
think the isRMIObject method is the one to have a look at. This one is
dependent on the javax.ejb extension for it checks whether the object is
an EJB.

Mark Brouwer
Virgil B.V.

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