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From Jason Hunter <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Email taskdef with ability to attach files
Date Sun, 25 Jun 2000 20:06:56 GMT
> Please note that I did not mean to conflict with James Duncan Davidson or
> Jason Hunter here.  I had already implemented this task before the
> discussion of adding the com.oreilly.servlet.MailMessage took place, and I
> decided to err on the side of openness and not hold on to my code.  In
> other words, this is my first patch submission, and I definitely don't want
> to step on anyone's toes. ( Especially the guy who wrote the book I learned
> servlets from. :-| )

My poor toes.  :-)  

I think with the contribution of MailMessage we can make this a core
task (assuming people agree a sending mail task merits being core).  On
the topic of attachments, I'm not sure why a build completion email
needs an attachment, but assuming it does, then someone can have a
little fun and add attachments to MailMessage.  The javadocs point to
the RFC you need to follow.  I think an addAttachment() method would be
a good hook, taking a file or url, and optionally taking an overriding
name and content type.


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