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From Christopher Hull <>
Subject javac tool dependencies not working properly.
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2000 23:56:23 GMT
Please excuse me if this is old news.  I just joined this list

There seems to be a difference between the way javac (the exe) and the
<javac> tool in Ant work.

When passing a -sourcepath to javac, the date based dependencies work,
i.e. javac is able to see if one of the NON-targetted .java files has
changed, and compile it.

javac -sourcepath com will recompile too if bar.class is older.  (assuming

Unfortunately this behavior is not true of the javac tool in Ant.  Date
based dependencies are only checked for those files which are overt
targets (those files mentioned in the includes attribute).  I am using
the classic compiler.  Does this work properly under 1.3?

Any ideas?


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