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From Jeremy Hopkins <>
Subject building ant under FreeBSD3.4 with JDK-1.2.2
Date Mon, 12 Jun 2000 16:02:21 GMT

I am running FreeBSD-3.4 with JDK-1.2.2 (native FreeBSD build)  I am now
trying to install tomcat.  According to the documents i've read about
tomcat, it requires ant.  So i've downloaded ant, and began to install
that.  I've run into a couple of problems though.  First I notice That
ant requests that the Java API for XML Parsing kit be installed.  Once
unzipped i'm supposed to run ~/jaxp1.0.1/examples/simple/make which
produces the following output

root@greyling (~/tmp/jakarta/jaxp1.0.1/examples/simple)$ make
javac -classpath
java -classpath
main ../samples/book-order.xml
Root element of the doc is Order
root@greyling (~/tmp/jakarta/jaxp1.0.1/examples/simple)$

Can someone please explain or point to a reference as to what "Root
element of the doc is Order" is supposed to mean to me.  This is also
the point where install instructions for jaxp1.0.1 end.  so i continued
with the jakarta-ant build.  which calls to first run
jakarta-ant/  this completes successfully.  then i execute
from the jakarta-ant directory

%./ -Dant.dist.dir=/usr/local/ant dist

which eventually hangs at the following spot.

[exec] Generating
[exec] Generating
[exec] 3 warnings

The 3 error messages i recieve are:

[exec] Constructing Javadoc information...
Class netrexx.lang.Rexx not found in import.
[exec] import netrexx.lang.Rexx;
[exec]        ^
[error] javadoc: warning - Import not found: netrexx.lang.Rexx -
[exec] Building tree for all the packages and classes...
[exec] Building index for all the packages and classes...
[exec] Generating
[exec] Generating
[error] javadoc: warning - Tag @see:
[error] javadoc: warning - @version tag
has no arguments.
[exec] Generating
[exec] Building index for all classes...

my classpath and path should be set correctly here is what i have

root@greyling (~/tmp/jakarta/jakarta-ant)$ echo $CLASSPATH
root@greyling (~/tmp/jakarta/jakarta-ant)$ echo $PATH

I've been struggling here for the last few days now, can someone please
Also if i go on to start to compile tomcat it eventually hangs at the
same sytlesheet.css with 1 warning.  I didn't expect tomcat to build,
but had to attempt anyhow.


Jeremy Hopkins		   	|| 	Systems Administrator 	||	Research Triangle Commerce, Inc.	 	||

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