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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Re: Feature
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2000 22:05:37 GMT

"Reynolds, Ron" wrote:
> i also need logging ability, but on a task-level.  having the entire build
> logged to file would just be information-overload.  is there anything to
> support this granularity of logging?

Well, the problem is always one of where to draw the line.
I suspect that the Ant developer's primary task ought
to be issues related to building, not logging...

What our team has always done is filtered. We have builds running
with full logging, and then a "watch build" program that
picks out key details from the log and displays it
as a web page. So, at anytime we can check the status
of any build by looking at it's web page.

We've also done post build filtering to pick out
key results and send summary e-mail to developers.

Now, to me, those are "meta-build" tasks, which we the users
of any build tools should handle ourselves. But, that's just my view....


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