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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Logging (was Re: Feature)
Date Sat, 10 Jun 2000 14:25:09 GMT

At 09:48  8/6/00 -0400, Brill Pappin wrote:
>Yes, I've seen it, but I tend to stay away from IBMs APIs if I can help
>it... I just don't trust IBM with this stuff, after seeing some of the cool
>but crappy (and often proprietary) stuff they have produced... not to
>mention it all falls under their own lic. witch makes me nervous.

I recently required a log library and wasn't aware of log4j. Ironically the
design is very very similar. Actually it is a cross between that and the
Logging Api recently released at It's about 90%
complete (for my needs at the moment) at the moment and I could clean it up
and send it to you if you want. Any licensing deal is fine as I own the
code ... just as long as it disclaims me from all liability :P. 

The only thing with my system is that it allows a lot of flexability. You
can have log categories that output to multiple targets and can even be
filtered by "FilterTargets". It is useful in application servers where you
have to do multiple things when logging (ie log to file and also send mail
to an admin on category FATAL log messages). It also allows different
categories to be logged to different places (ie MY_SERVLET category to
myServlet.log and YOUR_SERVLET category to yourServlet.log). Not yet sure
if this is a good thing. I may end up removing the features to increase
usability .. don't know.

Email me if you want it :P.



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