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From Tom Dimock <>
Subject Re: Core Task spec 0.1
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2000 13:35:08 GMT
At 01:37 PM 06/29/2000 +0200, Stefan wrote:
>>>>>> "MB" == Mark Brouwer <> writes:
> MB> <!ELEMENT patternset (include*, exclude*)> 
> MB> <!ATTLIST patternset id ID #REQUIRED>
>This sounds useful to me. I'd like to see this and filesets and maybe
>others merged with a better properties mechanism.

Hear, hear.  I like the filesets, but would like to have named filesets:

<fileset name="myfiles" dir="dofussdir">
  <include name="**/*.doofuss"/>

Then the fileset could be specified as a source:

<copy src.fileset="myfiles" dest.dir="dofussdir"/>

Note also my use of the dot in the attribute names - I think this would
make the documentation clearer.  The source would be src.file or src.dir or
src.fileset, with one src specification being required.  Same with the dest
- dest.file or dest. dir with one dest specification being required.  Being
able to use named filesets accomplishes two goals.  It allows multiple
tasks to be run against the same set of files without having to respecify
the fileset, and it would allow more general use of filesets in tasks where
there may be more than one fileset in use - <exec> being a fine example....

> MB> Also the concept of having attributes for pattern matching and
> MB> elements in your fileset is overkill IMHO, before you know it you
> MB> have shortcuts everywhere.
>It's more the "for backward compatibility/historical reasons" kind of
>thing than to provide shortcuts.

Put them in those reasons, but mark them as deprecated?
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