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Subject RE: Platform independend classpath in build.xml?
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2000 16:45:03 GMT

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Am 6/5/00, 1:15:12 PM, schrieb "Conor MacNeill" <> zum 
Thema RE: Platform independend classpath in build.xml?:

> >
> > Looking from a design or architectual point of you, I totally agree. 
> > first implementations where closer to what you are suggesting than to 
> > the current code looks like. It has been built that way to cope
> > with the way
> > Ant uses reflection to load and manipulate objects. The way to look at 
> > is to write down the desired XML code and than create apropriate 
> > implementing the XML, therefor the things need to be called that way.
> >
> >
> Thomas,
> OK, I understand the genesis of this now. My thought, however, is that 
> have compromised the object model to cater for the vagaries of the XML
> parsing. IMHO, that may not be the best approach.

Actually it is not XML, but the way ANT creates objects from build 
files. Every Ant task has to be implemented that way (and do not blame 
me for this). About two month ago a new scheme has been discussed and 
accepted. May someone knows what happened to it.

- tom

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