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From "Reynolds, Ron" <>
Subject properties - order of evaluation?
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2000 14:54:19 GMT
hello again.  thanks very much for the info so far - what i'm hearing is
that the docs are a great place to start, but afterwards go to the source to
find out what's really supported...

i noticed that i get "null"s in various places when i use <property
file="mypropfile.prop"/> depending on the order in which the properties get
loaded from the file.  for instance:
produces foo and foo-bar, but

produces foo and null-bar.  

this looks like an order-of-evaluation problem. is there a fix or do i write
this off as a property of properties?

i've been thinking about this further (again, i haven't looked at the source
yet) and what seems to be happening is that symbols are being evaluated as
the properties are being loaded.  it seems to me that if the properties were
all loaded first, and then the symbols where evaluated in a second pass this
problem wouldn't exist, yes?

thanks for all the help. :)

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