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From "Reynolds, Ron" <>
Subject RE: build/release process spec?
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2000 14:03:14 GMT
hello all!

well, i've tried finding my questions in the archive, but found the
email-interface a bit... um... "slow" i guess is the kindest word i can say
for it (anyone considered creating an Web-based archive of the list?).

anyway, my questions are this:
1. is there any way to specify "0-compression" with the <jar> tag?  (i'm
betting the answer is "no" looking at the docs, so the next question is is
<exec> the only option, other than writing a <jar0> task handler?)

2. is there a dtd out there somewhere for the Ant xml format? (dtd's are
finally getting easier to read than written descriptions for me - maybe i'm
starting to understand this XML stuff after all!)

3. is the best/only place for Ant info?


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