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From "James Sieben (EUS)" <>
Subject Javac task copies build.xml?
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2000 22:45:00 GMT
	I am just beginning to use Ant to build my project. So far I am
having a positive experience; however, I am curious as to why build.xml is
copied to my destination directory by the Javac task. This makes it
difficult for me to jar up the results, as I have to then explicitly set
excludes for the jar command to leave out build.xml and other support files
that the Javac task copies. Why is this done? Is there any way to disable
it? I perused the sourcecode for the task and could not find any simple way
to disable the functionality. Is this implemented for a reason that I am not
	At any rate, thanks for providing a wonderful tool for Java
developers like me who were frustrated with some of make's quirks, and hope
to trade those quirks for Ant's (hopefully) more convenient quirks :)

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