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From "Eddie Sheffield" <>
Subject Bug or RFE launching Java or Javadoc?
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2000 17:54:34 GMT
Hi all,

I just started working with Ant this morning. I'm anxious to get rid of the
horrible mess of makefiles that we currently have, and Ant looks really

Anyway, I already have encountered a problem in building Ant itself. Near as
I can tell, I configured everything as described in the instructions, but
when I built it bombed on the javadoc statement. I discovered the problem
was that I didn't have %JAVA_HOME%\bin on my PATH. Since I tend to work with
a number of different JDKs, I usually don't keep any on my PATH and add them
manually when necessary. However, it seems it would be nice if there were a
way in Ant to specify which javadoc (and looking at the source, java) should
be used for that task. Or perhaps at least pick up the system property
"java.home" to run the same javadoc/java that is currently being run.

I would be glad to make an attempt at changing this myself, but that leads
to another question. How do I submit code? I have looked over the docs at
the web site, and see that only Committers have write access to the
repository. Do I send changes to a committer to review or to the original
owner/creator of the file? or something else. Maybe I missed something on
the web site, but I've gone through all the docs that I found links to. I
apologize if this is a stupid RTFM thing, but which FM ;-) ?


Eddie Sheffield

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